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Zi Wei Astrology [紫微斗数] is  an ancient numerology or astrology system which is originated from the oriental 2000+ years ago. A large database of numerical data (both birthdates and times) are being collected and then being input into a Birth Chart [命盘] System. It will then being categorised into 12 different groups which we called it "Palaces" [宫位]. A numerologist (in this case, which is me!) then analyse and interpret the information I have gotten based on the client's birth chart.

Feng Shui [风水] which literal translates as"Wind-Water" is also an ancient practice of the oriental. Feng shui is considered pseudoscientific and its practice mainly focusing on the Qi [气], which refers to the energy/ invisible forces that bind the universe, earth, and humanity. By combining this with Zi Wei Astrology, we could discover how our home/ offices impacted our life in specific areas.

Ideal for you...

  • who are interested in personality test because Zi Wei provides more comprehensive analysis of yourself and respective life aspects.

  • who are in the midst of making important life decision

  • who want to improve your quality of life

  • who want to have any of the benefits listed below ↓↓↓

Benefits you in different life aspects...

  • Increasing self-awareness of your Personality and Talents

  • Understand the influence of your Family to your life

  • Financial/ Career planning, focus & achievement 

  • Compatible fields, for Academic & Career

  • Improving and maintaining good relationships in Marriage

  • Clearer view of your Property Belongings and inheritance.

  • Better understanding of your Health (physical/ emotional)

  • Improving and maintaining good relationships

  • Having the ability to take decisive action

  • Having truer view of own strengths and weaknesses

  • Aligning to your true purpose in life

  • Making your home as a sanctuary that supports you

Key Aspects to take note before you begin the Consultation


Confidentiality is being held highly in consultation. With this, you could trust me and reveal your beliefs, challenges and opportunities at ease.


You must understand that the analysis is not a guaranteed results of your life. This only serves as a guidance & wide-range pandemic might cause reading mismatch at some point.


The 100% commitment to the consultation is needed for more accurate analysis. To commit, you have to provide the accurate information such as birth date & time and reveal things truthfully.


Different from others, I help to recognise your ability to choose and act upon analysis. However, you have to understand that you are fully responsible for all your decisions and actions.

Are you ready to make important decisions

with clarity and confidence?