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Zi Wei Astrology [紫微斗数] is  an ancient numerology or astrology system which is originated from the oriental 2000+ years ago. A large database of numerical data (both birthdates and times) are being collected and then being input into a Birth Chart [命盘] System. It will then being categorised into 12 different groups which we called it "Palaces" [宫位]. A numerologist (in this case, which is me!) then analyse and interpret the information I have gotten based on the client's birth chart.

Feng Shui [风水] which literal translates as"Wind-Water" is also an ancient practice of the oriental. Feng shui is considered pseudoscientific and its practice mainly focusing on the Qi [气], which refers to the energy/ invisible forces that bind the universe, earth, and humanity. By combining this with Zi Wei Astrology, we could discover how our home/ offices impacted our life in specific areas.

Ideal for you...

  • who are interested in personality test because Zi Wei provides more comprehensive analysis of yourself and respective life aspects.

  • who are in the midst of making important life decision

  • who want to improve your quality of life

  • who want to have any of the benefits listed below ↓↓↓

Benefits you in different life aspects...

  • Increasing self-awareness of your Personality and Talents

  • Understand the influence of your Family to your life

  • Financial/ Career planning, focus & achievement 

  • Compatible fields, for Academic & Career

  • Improving and maintaining good relationships in Marriage

  • Clearer view of your Property Belongings and inheritance.

  • Better understanding of your Health (physical/ emotional)

  • Improving and maintaining good relationships

  • Having the ability to take decisive action

  • Having truer view of own strengths and weaknesses

  • Aligning to your true purpose in life

  • Making your home as a sanctuary that supports you

Key Aspects to take note before you begin the Consultation

Are you ready to make important decisions

with clarity and confidence?

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