ABOUT chelsea

ABOUT amazing ace


Hello! I'm your life coach Chelsea. After 7 years+ of combined working experience, I have faced different situations as an executive, manager and even business partner. All these experience has brought me to becoming a Life Coach. Now, I help people by offering personalised coaching to empower you to achieve your desired goals, be it personal or professional ones. I coach using the knowledge I have mastered in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Zi Wei Astrology, Pranic Healing and any other useful empowerment techniques.  I believe that everyone has the ability to create a positive change in their life.

Like many others, I felt lost and experienced the thought about "Is this what I really want?"//"I'm not sure what to do in my life."//"I'm not happy about my life but I don't know why."//"I didn't want this but I have no choice.". Sounds familiar to you, aren't they?

Constantly searching for the meaning of life for myself, I began to find peace and self-acceptance. I found myself transformed into a better person and start to live the life that I desire. If you are looking to get results in your personal life, business or career; then you are now in the right place because this is exactly the reason I am here. I am the resources that you could have to improve the quality of your life!

My hope is to create a platform which not only inspiring people to find their own life purpose and passion; but also gather the community that would spread goodness around together. Together, we could ace our life even better.


Amazing Ace empowers YOU who are willing and ready to make some shifts in how you look at your life and breakthrough the old limiting beliefs you once had. You are to discover your life purpose and ace it with the positive resources while being coached by me.

Your decision to be more of yourself and get more out of your life has brought you here. I am excited to see your changes that you are going to make in life and I strongly believe that I can help you best with this when our values are aligned.