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You have tried many different techniques from the free guides or tips on the Internet.  Changing habits, setting goals using SMART techniques, follow step-by-step guide shared by renowned Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and many other methods you have tried...


But none of them worked for you; You are still feeling exhausted, lost and maybe even depressed 

Gratefully, somewhere deep within you have not given up and still believe that you can live your dream life; that's why you are here! *yay!*

meet ME

By incorporating Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)Zi Wei Astrology & Pranic Healing in my coaching style,  I specialise in helping people to overcome the problems or obstacles standing in their way of  achieving goals, making great decisions and life choices, even after the completion of coaching courses.


I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to supporting you in your shift to well-being. 


You get to know how to cope with your fear, design your desired goals and achieve confidence from me because this is exactly why I am here for you. I do my best to help others to live a mindful life.

I'm sure you'll get your answer. The question is:

Are you willing to take the necessary action?



Client Testimonial

AA, Language Educator

Now I really know what mindset means. I can see that Chelsea really shows her passion and sincerity in her coaching.

Client Testimonial

NJA, Beauty Business Manager

Working with Chelsea has made my life turning over the new leaf! I gained more clarity on how to achieve my goals.

I must thank Chelsea for supporting me throughout the coaching sessions. Now I feel freer and more courageous then ever.

Client Testimonial

ML, Student

Coaching with Chelsea has changed my life so much! I am now a confident person and believe anything is within my reach as long as I want to.

Coaching really works and I can say I am ACING MY AMAZING LIFE!


If you're now ...

  • waking up feeling tired and restless throughout the day

  • procrastinating

  • don't know how to make decision

  • keep telling yourself about that ‘motivational quote’ that you see on social media

If you're looking for ...

  • a safe space to heal

  • client privacy assurance

  • support to let go of your current problems

  • effective tools to help realising your fullest potential

You're at the right place!

Get professional coaching to break free from your past and self-doubt.

NOW is the time to ace your amazing life!


how i can help you

live the life that is

meant for you

If you are still not where you want to be in your life, whether you are referring to personal life, relationships, career, finances or even spiritually, then personal life coaching is the step you are going to take in the right direction.

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